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Letters below were sent to founder Jeff Gold from people helped by Rescue Me!

Sender: Heather Stimson     Date: January 25, 2018 _
     I can't say enough about the Rescue Me community. Although this pup was an unusual case that had very specific needs, Rescue Me was incredibly helpful and Tolo found an amazing home! Thank you everyone so much for the support!

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Sender: Susan Pistone     Date: October 23, 2014 _
     Rescue Me helped Mia find a truly wonderful home. I can't tell you how difficult this was having to find a new home for Mia. Knowing she is with people who will spoil her and love her makes our hearts happy. We were truly blessed to find this amazing new family for Mia.

Sender: Dustin Kardonis     Date: September 15, 2014 _
     Bravo Baby was one of 24 Portugese Water Dogs that my brother and I rescued. He stayed with me as he was a special case. The only world he knew was a five foot by four foot room. My backyard was daunting. He was special! In the morning, if any part of the skin was showing under the blankets, he covered it. This was his way, I think, of 'saving me' from predators. HE loves dogs and plays with puppies. I watched him unfold into a pup with a love of water. I took him as far as I could as he was so doggie oriented. The family I wished for him would be one that doted on him and had the time to socially acclimate him more with people. Although he received a lot of inquiries, he left me today with a special couple who had the honor of rescuing a Portugese Water Dog from a lab. This dog takes a piece of my heart with him, always and forever. Rescue Me also helped me place a nine year old from the same rescue - both in a fairy tale ending. Thank you!

Millions of animals die each year in animal shelters. You can help stop this: Donate to Portuguese Water Dog Rescue

Sender: Linda Kardonis     Date: August 6, 2014 _
     Varon was one of 24 Spanish Water Dogs that my brother and I rescued. Other independent breeders of the Spanish Water Dog Breed assisted. A total of seven Spanish Water Dogs rescued were posted here and found their wonderful forever homes. Varon has been with me for almost three months. A very special dog (as they all are). Over 40 applicants responded to my post and I have answered each of them. Thank you all for Rescue Me, as well as the response from the overall caring people. As he is a senior and has been through so much, we selected a home, a wonderful couple who are empty nesters! Thank you for allowing us to post Varon. Thanks to the adopters who found the post and the greatest thanks to those who maintain this much needed site!

Sender: Heather Stimson     Date: June 20, 2014 _
     I can't begin to thank everyone enough! I went from panicking about how I was going to possibly place three Spanish Water Dogs we rescued to being completely overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of support, calls and emails all looking to help these babies! We found the most amazing homes and will definitely use Rescue Me if there is ever a dog in need again! Thank you all so very much from the very bottom of our hearts!

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Sender: Michelle Miller     Date: July 4, 2013 _
     Within 24 hours, my 13-year old Portuguese Water Dog was adopted by the most fabulous family! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for their kind, generous hearts and also for Rescue Me! I have no doubt that without Rescue Me!, finding a loving home of this caliber would have been near impossible! Also, this family had been wanting to adopt a Porty for years, and I doubt they could have found one without the help of this site. Two families are very happy today, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will always be a loyal fan of Rescue Me!, and will help to support your efforts.

Sender: Andrew Comstock     Date: July 9, 2012 _
     Bela found a wonderful new home with a great family. Thanks tons for your help!

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A beautiful full-color acknowledgement card will be mailed to the person of your choice within 24 hours.

Sender: Andi Vance     Date: December 13, 2011 _
     Hi Jeff, Thanks for your reply. I think I have found a great family for him in Las Vegas. Balou needs a family to play with, space to run, and someone with the means to get him the training he needs. (Although he is adorably handsome he is very stubborn). Unfortunately, I had him at a rough time in my life. When I initially made the commitment to him, I was making more money, had a live in partner, and worked only 40 hours. Since then I have received a pay cut, work more hours, and now am a single mother to him. I tried to tough it out for about 8 months, until I decided that he would be a great Christmas gift for a family that has the means to love him and treat him the way I couldn't provide for him. I am going to stay in contact with his new family, they even offered that I could stop by when I was in town to see him. I am so happy that I feel like I have found the best option for him to be really taken care of the way he deserves. Thanks for your services, -Andi

Sender: Thomas Lee     Date: August 15, 2011 _
     Hi Jeff, he found a new home in Cape Canaveral with a loving and caring couple! My girlfriend just passed away on Friday after a long battle with cancer. I wanted to find him a home since I couldn't take care of him anymore. Thanks again, Thomas C Lee

Millions of animals die each year in animal shelters. You can help stop this: Donate to Portuguese Water Dog Rescue

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